Instructions for show car owners.

All show vehicles: $35.00 each vehicle.

The New Hope Automobile Show is a two-day event presented by New Hope Helping, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All proceeds from the Show benefit local community projects and charitable organizations. New Hope Helping wishes to thank all show registrants, staff and volunteers for their continued support of the show, now in its 65th year. You can read more about New Hope Helping at our web site,

Model Year Cutoff
The New Hope Automobile Show follows the long-standing custom of considering antique cars to be 25 model years old or older. This year’s cutoff is model year 1997. Classes with exceptions to this policy are noted.

Display Standards
The hallmark of the New Hope Automobile Show has always been the quality of the vehicles at our show. Our spectators, sponsors, and your fellow automotive enthusiasts expect and deserve nothing less. We invite owners of well-maintained, show-ready vehicles to register for our Show. All vehicles entered in The New Hope Automobile Show are judged on originality and attention to detail; however, we have added a class for “Rods” for Saturday’s show and a class for “Tuners” in the Sunday show, as well as a “Display” class on both days, which allow for modifications. We reserve the right to refund registration fees and refuse admittance to any vehicle not up to our standards.

Show Format
The New Hope Automobile Show has two divisions, Domestic vehicles on Saturday and Foreign vehicles on Sunday.

In recognition of the ever-growing depth and breadth of the collector car hobby, we have decided to expand the range of vehicle types, makes and models that qualify for our show. If your Domestic or Foreign vehicle of any make or model is up to New Hope Automobile Show standards of authenticity, originality, cleanliness, and condition, we invite you to register for our show.

Additionally, to offer our audience an even greater variety of the best show-prepped vehicles, we have created classes to accommodate vehicles with modifications from mild to wild in our new Rods, Tuner, and Display Only classes.

Registration Fee
Online Registration: $35 for each vehicle before midnight, August 12th. You can still register online on Saturday, August 13th or Sunday, August 14th, but the Day-of-show registration fee will be $45 for each vehicle. Registration for this year’s show will open on May 21, 2022. 

Online Registration Procedure. Clicking the Online Registration Link will take you to the New Hope Automobile Show Registration Portal powered by our partner Use this Registration Portal to select your registration class, and to provide payment information, contact information, and vehicle information.

The Flow of the Show
Safety First! Old cars, distracted spectators, and moving vehicles have the potential to become dangerous. Our ironclad rules to help prevent accidents:
1. All Show vehicles must display a properly charged A-B-C or B-C type fire extinguisher while parked on the show field. Display location shall be at the left front tire (or equivalent) of the vehicle;
2. Obey all event marshal instructions while moving your vehicles on show grounds;
3. Always observe a safe speed. We do not wish to have a pedestrian-vehicle accident. Think Safety.

Each morning the show car gate opens at 7:30am. All show cars are requested to arrive at the show grounds by 10:30am. Show vehicle entry gates will close at 11am. Spectator gates open at 9am.

All show cars should enter show grounds from Bridge Street at the front of the high school. Upon entering, car owners will stop at the registration table for check-in. After check-in, cars will be directed to the photographer’s location where a photo is taken of the car. From there, event marshals will direct show cars to the proper class parking location.

Trailered vehicles: DO NOT enter the show car entrance with your trailer rig. Instead, if you’re heading west on Bridge Street, proceed past the show car entrance to the trailer lot on your right. Signs and volunteers will be there to direct you into a parking lot just 500 feet or so from the show car entrance. Park your trailer, unload your show car, and then drive a short distance back to the show car entrance. Trailers heading east on Bridge Street must watch for Trailer Parking signs and a volunteer directing you into the Trailer lot on your left before you reach the show car entrance.

Once parked, your vehicle will remain in place until the end of the show. If for some emergency you must depart early, you must alert an event marshal so they can escort your vehicle safely to an exit.

Our knowledgeable and experienced New Hope Automobile Show judges will be back this year to judge your automobile and award ribbons.

Venue Rules and Regulations
We will observe all applicable federal, state, and local directives of COVID-19 rules and regulations in effect at the time of our show.

Respect the Ride. For the car show novice, we encourage you to “Look But Don’t Touch!” as you vote for your favorite car. Vehicle owners will be more than happy to answer questions and demonstrate things for you.

In order to reduce the chance of damage to show vehicles, parents are expected to properly supervise and control small children and strollers.

Show vehicle sound systems
Show vehicle sound systems must be OFF during Show hours unless the system is configured to be heard using personal ear-buds only.

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Use – Because the show is conducted on school grounds, consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products in any form are strictly prohibited at all times. State and local regulations prohibit any exceptions to this policy.

Animals – Trained service animals are permitted, and are defined as only dogs, regardless of breed, specifically trained to assist a person with a disability. Pets, emotional support, and other animals are not permitted.

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, and other similar personal transportation items are not permitted within the show grounds.


Select your division.

Again for 2022, Saturday will be ALL DOMESTIC, and Sunday will be ALL FOREIGN.

NOTE: Classes that do not adhere to this schedule are Military Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Racing Cars. Each of these three classes including BOTH foreign and domestic vehicles, WILL SHOW ON SATURDAY ONLY. These three classes will not display on Sunday.

Our Tuner class on Sunday is limited to extensively modified vehicles appearing on our Tuner List.

Our Display Only class for each day is intended for the car enthusiast who wants to display their interesting, show-ready vehicle at the New Hope Automobile Show, but their vehicle does not mesh with an established class because it may be too new or it may not be stock or stock-appearing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Auto Show office, or send an email to:

Saturday, August 13

Domestic Cars

Senior Cars: All national prize winners to 1997 | SR
Brass Era | BA
Cars thru 1919:
All makes and models up to 1919 | 00
Cars of the 20s – 30s: All makes and models 1920-39 | 20-30
Cars of the 40s – 50s: All makes and models 1940-59 | 40-50
Cars of the 60s: All makes and models 1960-69 | 60
Cars of the 70s: All makes and models 1970-79 | 70
Cars of the 80s: All makes and models 1980-89 | 80
Cars of the 90s:
All makes and models 1990-97 | 90
American Motors/Rambler: All to 1997 | AMC
All years and models (authentic only) | ACD
Autos recognized by the Classic Car Club of America | C
Chevrolet Camaro:
All to 1997 | CC
Chevrolet Corvair:
All years | CV
Chevrolet Corvette:
All to 1997 | K
Dodge Viper: All to 1997 | V
Fire Engines, EMS, and Police:
All to 1997 | FE
Ford Mustang:
All to 1997; stock or restored only | FM
Ford Thunderbird:
All to 1997 | FT
Jeep: All to 1997 | JEEP
Lincoln, Continental, Zephyr: 1921-1997 | L
Military Vehicles (Foreign & Domestic – Saturday only): All to 1997 | MVD
Model “A” Fords: All years | MA
Model “T” Fords: All years | MT
Harley Davidson: All to 1997 | DM
Other Motorcycle Mfgs (Foreign & Domestic – Saturday only):
All to 1997 | FDM
Nash: All years | N
Professional Specialty Cars:
Cars modified for use as coaches, hearses & limousines to 1997 | PC
Racing Cars (Foreign & Domestic – Saturday only): Authentic cars | RCD
Replicas of iconic automobiles and sports cars | F
Hot/Rat/Street, Restomod, Custom | R
Original and Continuation Cobras, Series 1, Shelby Ford, Shelby Dodge, Mustangs all years | SC
All models, including Lark & Avanti – all years | SB
Trucks: All light and medium duty to 1997 | T
Woodies: All makes & models (no simulated wood ) | WD
Display Only:
Cars not otherwise specified to 1997 | DOD
Car Corral:
Cars for sale | CC

Sunday, August 14

Foreign Cars

Senior Cars: All national prize winners to 1997 | SR
All to 1997 |ACH
Acura NSX:
All years to 1997 | NSX
Alfa Romeo:
All years | AR
Aston Martin:
All years | AM
Austin Healey:
All years | AH
All models thru 1997 | BMW
Datsun/Nissan/Infinity: All years to 1997 | DNI
Datsun/Nissan: Z Cars to 1997 | Z
All years | DE
Exotics: e.g., Bugatti, DeTomaso, Pantera, Ford GT/GT40, all years | X
All years | FE
All years to 1997 | FLA
French Connection:
Citroen/Facel Vega/Peugeot/Renault; all years to 1997 | FC
Jaguar: All models thru 1997 | J
All years | LA
All to 1997 |LXA
All years | LT
All years to 1997 | MA
Mazda: All years to 1997 | MZD
Mazda Miata:  All years to 1997 | MIA
Mazda RX-7:  All years to 1997 | MX7
All years | MC
Mercedes Benz:
All models thru 1997 | MB
All models and years | MG
Microcars: All models/years to 1997 | MCR
Mini Cooper:
All years to 1997 | MINI
Morgan: All years | MR
All models thru 1997 | P
Rolls-Royce/Bentley: All models & years | RR
Saab: All Models/years to 1997 | SAA
All years | TR
limited to extensively modified cars appearing on the Tuner Car list below | TU
All years | TVR
All years to 1997 | VW
Volvo: All Models/years to 1997 | VOL
Display Only:
Cars not otherwise specified to 1997 | DOF
Car Corral: Cars for sale | CC

Tuner Cars

Sunday’s new Tuner class is specifically limited to extensively modified vehicles of the makes and models on the following list: Acura Integra, RSX, NSX*; Audi Allroad, Quattro, TT, S Line, RS Line, R8*; BMW M Class, Z Class, 3 Series; Datsun 510, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 300ZX; Dodge Shelby Models; Eagle Talon; FIAT 500, 500X; Ford ST and RS Models; Honda Civic Si, Civic Type R, CR-X, Prelude, S2000, NSX; Hyundai Veloster Turbo, Veloster N, Tiburon; Infiniti G35, G37; KIA Stinger GT; Lexus RC-F, IS Class (2005 or older), GS Class (2004 or older), SC300/400; Mazda RX Class, MX Class, Mazdaspeed Class; Mercedes-Benz AMG (All models except SUV); MINI Cooper S, John Cooper Works; Mitsubishi Eclipse (except SUV), Lancer Evolution, 3000GT, Starion, Galant VR-4; Nissan 240SX, 300ZX, 350Z, 370Z, GT-R, Maxima (2003 or older), Sentra SE-R (2006 or older), Skyline, Silvia; Porsche (All years/models); Scion tC, FRS; Subaru: WRX/STi, Legacy RS, Forester XT & STi, BRZ; Toyota Celica, Corolla AE86/GT-S, Cressida, GT86, MR2, Supra; Volkswagen Corrado, Scirocco, Golf, GTI-Line, R-Line; Volvo 240, 242, V50, S60. NHAS Staff reserves the right to modify this list at any time. A legible front 3/4 photo of your vehicle MUST be uploaded with registration.

*Unmodified Acura NSX and Audi R8 may register in the Exotics class.

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As a show car subscriber you’ll receive information meant just for you. So if you want to keep informed about show car owner news, sign up here.

We promise, we don’t sell our list to anyone.