COVID-19 and The New Hope Automobile Show.

Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, the safety of everyone involved in our outdoor community event is the top priority. Our goal is to host a community outdoor auto show while complying with the standards that have been established for such an event.

Bucks County transitioned to the Green Phase of Governor Wolf’s Re-Opening plan on June 26, 2020. We anticipate this remaining in place for the Show date of August 8, 2020 (rain date August 9, 2020). Our Green Phase Plan centers on maintaining Social Distancing for all visitors, car owners and volunteers.

Social Distancing Measures

In accordance with the aforementioned regulations, we are implementing the following rules to be obeyed by everyone who enters the show grounds on Saturday (or Sunday if inclement weather postpones the Saturday event).

Show Car Registrants

Because of our commitment to honoring the rules of social distancing, we are limited to just 150 cars on the field. We’ve decided that the 150 cars should be some of the best in the area. So we’re going to field as many Senior Cars as possible. (If you don’t already know, a Senior Car is one that has been nationally recognized by organizations like the Antique Automobile Club of America and the Classic Car Club of America among others.)

If you don’t own a senior car, we are taking waitlist registrations to fill in the field if we don’t get 150 Senior cars. Just go to our Non-Senior Cars registration page and sign up. If we don’t get enough senior cars by July 24th, we will notify you if your car is selected.

We will have a map to direct show cars to the entrance that they will enter. We plan to have show cars in every other parking spot and the empty spot next to their car is their area to social distance with spectators.

Tickets will be sold online

This year, show tickets will be purchased online in advance of the show date. Tickets bought through our website, in advance will be $6.00 this year. Because of social-distancing, we must limit the number of guests on the field. Therefore tickets will be sold in two-hour timed increments:

9am – 11am
11am – 1pm
1pm – 3pm

Tickets may be purchased at the gate on the day of show but the cost will be $10.00 and if a time slot is full you may be turned away. Buying your tickets online, in advance, assures your entry at your appointed time slot. Buy tickets online.

Each of the visitor routes will be marked in a color corresponding to the gate color where you enter. Maps will be given to visitors as they enter the grounds. Visitors will follow these assigned routes as they make their way through the show. Along each route will be trained ambassadors to monitor social distancing. Each route allows you to see the cars as well as the vendors.

Spectator parking

The show grounds include 2 parking lots for spectators. One is color coded red and the other green. Additional parking is available in several other areas of New Hope and it is customary for spectators to park off show grounds and walk to a gate. This will be the blue gate.


There will be 3 controlled access gates to the show. Each will be identified by color: red, green or blue. Each spectator entering a gate will be given a color coded wrist band and reminded that they should stay on or near the colored markings of their wrist band while touring the show.

The gate staff will communicate between each other by means of radios or other devices so as to control overcrowding.

Handling of cash and credit cards

We will use volunteer professionally trained bank employees to collect and handle cash and cards at the gates. They will also be responsible for keeping track of the number of spectators in and out so we can control the number of people on the grounds at any given time.

Volunteers will have a barrier placed between them and the public and they will be required to be masked, gloved and frequently wash their hands and avoid touching their faces.

Emergency Medical Services

The Lambertville/New Hope Rescue Squad will have a vehicle and staff on site during the show to handle medical emergencies and to transport persons who display respiratory distress/COVID-19 symptoms and/or in need attention at a medical facility.

Rest Room Facilities

The school district has graciously given permission to use indoor rest rooms for show volunteers and spectators and they will be cleaned and sanitized by professionally trained custodians from the school district every 2 hours.

We will also provide outdoor rest rooms, additional hand washing sinks and hand sanitizer stations. The district custodian will clean and sanitize them every 2 hours.

Food and beverage

We plan to offer food from food trucks with no table or sit-down areas.
All food trucks must be licensed by the Bucks County Department of Health.

Trash removal and site clean up

Volunteers will be required to wear gloves, gowns and masks while handling trash.

After handling trash, the volunteers will be required to wash their hands and change their mask.

The grounds will be policed, and all trash will be disposed of properly.

The only way our show got approval to proceed was our pledge to the county health officials that we would aggressively enforce these regulations.

COVID-19 instructions for visitors.

1. All visitors must wear face masks. Be considerate of those around you. You wear the mask to protect others.

2. Please stay to assigned colored paths.

3. Six-foot social distancing must be observed at all times.

4. Please don’t surpass your 2-hour limit.

5. Be sure to vote for your favorite show car before you leave. Your vote counts!

Do spectators and show car owners get refunds if the Show is canceled?

In the Age Of Covid-19, that’s a great question!

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, state, county, or local agencies could add additional limits or withdraw approval for the 2020 New Hope Automobile Show at any time. You’ll agree that the circumstances surrounding such a decision are completely fluid and out of the control of the New Hope Solebury Community Association, the legal nonprofit entity that presents the Show.

What is for sure, though, is that the charities and beneficiaries receiving donations from the proceeds from the Show still rely on our financial support. Therefore, in the event the Show is further limited or canceled by governmental authority, full or partial (treated as a donation) refunds may be requested in writing. Or you may request that your donation be applied to next year’s Show.

No matter what, we would be honored if you would consider your Show admission, vendor, or registration fee as a charitable donation to these worthy causes.