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Instructions for show car owners.

The New Hope Automobile Show is a two-day event presented by New Hope Helping, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All proceeds from the Show benefit local community projects and charitable organizations.

New Hope Helping wishes to thank all show registrants, staff and volunteers for their continued support of the show, now in its 67th year. You can read more about New Hope Helping at our web site,


In order for a show car to be judged, it is required that each show vehicle must have an operating fire extinguisher. Safety of car owners, our guests, and the judges and staff are the top priority of the show. If you do not display a fire extinguisher your car will not be judged.

Show Format
The New Hope Automobile Show spans two days. With a few exceptions, we present Domestic vehicles on Saturday and Foreign vehicles on Sunday. Our Show is Rain or Shine, there is no rain date. All show cars must be on display from 9am until 4pm.

“A New Hope Car”
That’s a phrase you hear from collector car enthusiasts across the Delaware Valley when they see an exceptional example of a vehicle. Why? Because the hallmark of the New Hope Automobile Show has always been the quality of the vehicles at our Show. Our spectators, sponsors, and your fellow automotive enthusiasts expect and deserve nothing less.

Show Car Qualifications
In recognition of the ever-growing depth and breadth of the collector car hobby, and to offer our audience the greatest variety of the best show-prepped vehicles, more vehicle types, makes, and models qualify for our Show than ever before.

Our foundational classes, Antiques and Classics, keep the custom of the 25-year Rule, so this year’s cut-off is Model Year 1999. These vehicles, some over a century old, are in original, preserved, restored condition, and, except for safety items, unmodified.

By popular demand, select classes permit modified vehicles and/or vehicles newer than 1999.

Modified vehicles, and those interesting show-ready vehicles that deserve to be New Hope Cars but just don’t seem to fit in an established class, may register in each day’s Display class.

Extensively modified domestic vehicles of any year are invited to our Saturday Rods! class, and extensively modified foreign vehicles of any year are invited to our Sunday Tuner class.

The traditional New Hope Automobile Show has been fortunate to have knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic volunteer judges. Our judges operate in teams and evaluate each vehicle against our standards of authenticity, originality, cleanliness, and condition. In classes permitting modifications, judges evaluate against our standards of cleanliness, condition, workmanship, fit and finish, and integrity of design.

Our volunteer judges are integral to our show, and most, like you, are rabid car enthusiasts who may own a classic that they wish to enter into competition at New Hope. Therefore, we allow our judges to enter a car in the appropriate class. In doing so, we follow the 2024 rules of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Section V, C-7c: “A [judging] team member shall never judge in a class where he/she, a family member, or friend has a vehicle registered or for any reason feels his/her judgement could be biased. If a judge is assigned to a team where this rule applies, the judge shall advise the Team Captain and request that the Chief Judge change the assignment.”

Our organizing committee welcomes applicants to our volunteer judging staff. Please call 215-862-5665 or email

Registration Fee
Show car and Car Corral pre-registration: $35 each vehicle.
Show car and Car Corral “day-of” registration:  $45 each vehicle.

Registration fees are considered a non-refundable donation to our parent organization, the New Hope-Solebury Community Assocation (dba New Hope Helping), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Registration Procedure
All show car and Car Corral registrations, including “day-of” registrations, will be done online. Even if you decide at the last minute to bring your car to the show, you must register online. Having you enter your vehicle information, personal contact information, and payment through our online portal before you leave home greatly speeds up the drive-thru and check-in process at the Show, benefiting everyone. Our registration portal powered by accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

When registering, BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT SHOW DAY!  The New Hope Automobile Show is really two separate shows:  Domestic vehicles on Saturday and Foreign vehicles on Sunday. If you have any doubt about which Day, or Class you should select, please refer to our Class Lists on this page or email us at

The Flow of the Show
Each morning the Show car gate opens at 7:30am. All Show cars are requested to arrive at the show grounds by 9:30am. Show vehicle entry gates will close at 10am. Spectator gates open at 9am. You are expected to remain in your assigned spot on the field until 4pm each day.

Arrival:  All show cars and car corral cars, except trailered vehicles, should enter show grounds from Bridge Street at the front of the high school.

Upon entering, greeters at the gate will ask if you have pre-registered. If so, you will be directed ahead to the check-in table for check-in.

If not pre-registered, you will be diverted to the day-of registration desk, at which you can use your smart phone, or a tablet we supply, to complete online registration and electronic payment. Once complete, you will be sent ahead to the check-in table.

After check-in, cars will be directed to the photographer’s location where a photo is taken of the car. From there, event marshals will direct show cars to the proper class parking location. Once parked, your vehicle will remain in place until the end of the show. If for some emergency you must depart early, you must alert a Marshal so they can escort your vehicle safely to an exit.

Trailered vehicles:  DO NOT enter the Show car entrance with your trailer rig. Instead, trailer rigs should enter the school complex grounds from the rear (North) entrance off of US 202/Lower York Rd. Signs and volunteers will be there to direct you to trailer rig parking. Park your trailer, unload your show car, and then drive along the main driveway through the school complex grounds, where Marshals will direct you further. Once parked, come up to the check-in table and check in.

Judging and Awards:  Our teams of volunteer judges will begin at 10am and will endeavor to have all 2nd Place and 3rd Place ribbons awarded by 2:00pm. First Place and Special Award winners will be notified by 2:30pm and will be invited to receive their awards by participating in our traditional Parade Of Champions at the end of each day’s Show.

Two Governor’s Cups. All AACA, CCA, LCOC, RROC and other nationally recognized seniors and juniors can compete for The Governor’s Cup. In 2021 we made the decision to split the show into Domestic cars on Saturday and Foreign cars on Sunday. In doing so, we felt the need to award two Governor’s Cup trophies, one for Domestic cars on Saturday, and one for Foreign cars on Sunday. If you’d like to display your Foreign Senior on Saturday, or your Domestic Senior on Sunday, you may, but it will only be judged on the day in which it qualifies.

People’s Choice Voting and Awards:  Our Show Car Owners asked us to bring back People’s Choice voting and Awards, so we did!  Show vehicles entered in each of our classes will compete for the People’s Choice Award in that class.  Spectators and Show Car Owners are eligible to vote via smartphone app. Voting will conclude at 1:30pm and our Staff will begin pinning People’s Choice ribbons on the winning Show cars shortly thereafter.

Concierge:  If at any time you need information or assistance, please feel free to contact a Marshal or come up to the Registration Desk, New Hope Helping Tent, or the New Hope Automobile Show Merchandise Tent and we’ll do our best to help.

Venue Rules and Regulations
Safety First!  Old cars, distracted spectators, and moving vehicles have the potential to become dangerous. To help prevent accidents, Show vehicle owners must obey all Marshal instructions while moving your vehicle on show grounds, and must always observe a safe speed.

Fire Extinguishers. Show car owners are required to have a properly charged UL/NFPA-approved, minimum 5B:C type fire extinguisher while parked on the show field. The required display location for the extinguisher is in front of the left front tire (or equivalent) of the vehicle.

Respect the Ride. For the car show novice, we encourage you to “Look But Don’t Touch!” as you enjoy the Show. Vehicle owners will be more than happy to answer questions and demonstrate things for you.

To reduce the chance of damage to show vehicles, parents are expected to properly supervise and control small children and strollers. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, and other similar personal transportation items are not permitted within the Show grounds.

Tents. No tents or canopies of any kind will be allowed over, around, or near show cars.

Sound systems.  Audio systems must be OFF during Show hours unless the system is configured to be heard using personal earbuds only.

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco use.  Because the Show is conducted on school grounds, State Law prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products in any form.

Animals.  Only trained service animals are permitted, and are defined as only dogs, regardless of breed, specifically trained to assist a person with a disability. Pets, emotional support, and other animals are not permitted.

First, select your day.

The New Hope Automobile Show is really two separate shows:  Domestic vehicles on Saturday and Foreign vehicles on Sunday, with these exceptions for 2024:  Military Vehicles, Other Motorcycles, and Track-Only Race Cars. Each of these three classes include BOTH foreign and domestic vehicles, and WILL SHOW ON SATURDAY ONLY. These three classes will not display on Sunday.

Next, choose your Class.

Saturday, August 10

Domestic Cars

Senior Cars: All national prize winners to 1999 | SR
Brass Era | BE
Cars thru 1919:
All makes and models up to 1919 | 00
Cars of the 20s: All makes and models 1920-1929 | 20
Cars of the 30s:
All makes and models 1930-1939 | 30
Cars of the 40s: All makes and models 1940-1949 | 40
Cars of the 50s:
All makes and models 1950-1959 | 50
Cars of the 60s: All makes and models 1960-1969 | 60
Cars of the 70s: All makes and models 1970-1979 | 70
Cars of the 80s: All makes and models 1980-1989 | 80
Cars of the 90s:
All makes and models 1990-1999 | 90
American Motors/Rambler: All to 1999 | AMC
Chevrolet Camaro: All to 1999 | CC
Chevrolet Camaro Modified:
All to 2023 | CCM
Chevrolet Corvette – C1: All 1953 to 1962 | C1
Chevrolet Corvette – C2: All 1963 to 1967 | C2
Chevrolet Corvette – C3: All 1968 to 1982 | C3
Chevrolet Corvette – C4: All 1984 to 1996 | C4
Chevrolet Corvette – C5: All 1997 to 2004 | C5
Chevrolet Corvette – C6: All 2005 to 2013 | C6
Chevrolet Corvette – C7: All 2014 to 2019 | C7
Chevrolet Corvette – C8: All 2020 to 2024 | C8
Chevrolet Corvette Modified: All years to 2024 | CM
Dodge Viper:
All to 1999 | V
Fire Apparatus:
All to 1999 | FA
Ford GT:
All years | FGT
Light Truck/Jeep/SUV: All to 1999 | LTJ

Lincoln, Continental, Zephyr: 1921-1999 | L
Military Vehicles (Foreign & Domestic – Saturday only): All years | MVD
All to 1999 | MOP
Motorcycles – Harley Davidson
: All to 1999 | HD
All other Foreign & Domestic to 1999 | FDM
Ford Mustang:
All to 1999; stock or restored only | FM
Professional Vehicles: Police, ambulance, hearse to 1999 | PV
Track-only Race Cars:
Foreign & Domestic | RC
Replicas of iconic automobiles and sports cars | F
Hot/Rat/Street, Restomod, Custom | R
All Shelby’s including Dodge, Mustang, & Cobra | SC
All models, including Lark & Avanti – all years | SB
Cars not otherwise specified to 1999 | DOD
Car Corral:
Cars for sale | $

Sunday, August 11

Foreign Cars

Senior Cars: All FOREIGN national prize winners to 1999 | SR
All to 1999 | ACH
Alfa Romeo:
All years | AR
Aston Martin:
All years | AM
All to 1999 | AU
Austin Healey:
All years | AH
All models thru 1999 | BMW
Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti: All years to 1999 | DNI
Datsun/Nissan: Z Cars to 1999 | Z
All years | DE
Exotics: e.g., Bugatti, DeTomaso, Pantera, all years | X
All years | FE
All years to 1999 | FLA
French Connection:
Citroen/Facel Vega/Peugeot/Renault; all years to 1999 | FC
Jaguar: All models thru 1999 | J
KEI and Microcars:
All to 1999 | KMC
All years | LA
All to 1999 | LXA
All years | LT
All years | MA
Mazda: All years to 1999 | MZD
Mazda Miata:  All years to 1999 | MIA
Mazda RX-7:  All years to 1999 | MX7
All years | MC
Mercedes Benz:
All models thru 1999 | MB
All models and years | MG
Mini Cooper:
All years to 1999 | MINI
Morgan/TVR: All years | MVR
Porsche 356: All 1948 to 1965 | 356
Porsche (Early) 911, 912: All years | 912
Porsche 964, 993: All 1989 to 1994 | 993
Porsche 996, 997: All 1997 to 2012 | 997
Porsche 991, 992: All 2011 to 2024 | 992
Porsche 924, 944, 968, 928: All years | 928
Porsche 914: All 1969 to 1976 | 914
Porsche Boxster, Cayman: All to 2012 | BC
Porsche Boxster, Cayman: All 2013 to 2024 | PBC
Porsche Sedans and SUVs (NOT JUDGED): All Years | SED
Porsche Modified: All years | PM
All models / years | RR
Saab: All models / years to 1999 | SAA
All years | TR
limited to extensively modified foreign production cars | TU
All years to 1999 | VW
Volvo: All Models/years to 1999 | VOL
Cars not otherwise specified to 1999 | DOF
Car Corral:
Cars for sale | $

Registration is open.

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As a show car subscriber you’ll receive information meant just for you. So if you want to keep informed about show car owner news, sign up here.

We promise, we don’t sell our list to anyone.